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Our vision at Tŷ Elis is that “there should be no barrier to people receiving counselling and psychotherapy if an individual is ready to take steps to improve their personal well-being”.

As a result we take equalities very seriously: it is a founding principle.  We have an Equalities Policy and Action Plan.  Our equal opportunities statement of policy is set out below.

Equal Opportunities – Statement of Policy

Service Delivery

Tŷ Elis will take every reasonable step to ensure genuine equality of opportunity in all aspects of its activities as a service provider.

  1. The service will endeavour to provide services that recognise and respect diversity within the community which it services.
  2. Positive action will be taken to reduce barriers to services so as to encourage take up of services in under-represented groups.
  3. The service will endeavour to ensure that the workforce is aware of good practice in relation to equality of opportunity.


The service will take every reasonable step to ensure genuine equality of opportunity in all aspects of its activities as an employer.

  1. Ensure that employment decisions are made with regard to relevant legislation and are consistent with necessary requirements and proper performance of the job.
  2. Ensure that when an employment decision is made about an individual, the decision is made solely on the capability and suitability to perform the job.
  3. Seek to ensure that existing in-balances in the workforce and employment patterns are addressed.
  4. Ensure that all individuals involved in the employment selection process receive training on equalities.
  5. Ensure that employees are given equality of access to training and development.

For a confidential discussion on any aspect of equalities please contact call us on 01656 786486.

Please contact us regarding any equalities query you may have on: 01656 786486 and if you require a confidential discussion ask for the Business Development Manager.

Ymgynghori Tŷ Elis Counselling 14 Victoria Avenue, Porthcawl, Bridgend County Borough, CF36 3HG, Telephone: 01656 786486, email:

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