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Fund Raising


There are many ways in which you raise money for Tŷ Elis.  Whether you raise £5,000 or £50 every penny counts.  For instance, you can  set up a Facebook page for your idea, Twitter account and ask people to donate via the Internet and Text. Or you can  download our sponsorship form.

Remember to let us know what you are planning to do, so we can promote you.  Thank you.

Here are some fundraising ideas:

Organised Event

Many people take part in organised events like the Swansea Bay 10K and raise money for Tŷ Elis.  There are also organised challenges, for example, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  The charity challenge is a good site to try:

Personal Challenge

Perhaps you have a challenge that is more personal to you or more off the beaten track.

Special Occasion

May be you would like to use a special occasion in your life, for example your wedding to ask people to give to Tŷ Elis.

Someone Special

Millions of pounds is raised each year in memory of loved ones.

The Friends

The friends organise regular events like table top sales, discos, raffles.  If you would like to volunteer with The Friends, please contact us.




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