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Tŷ Elis Counselling plays a vital role in our community helping people in emotional distress, but since our beginnings we have also been a key educator and educational resource for Counselling and Psychotherapy in South Wales.  In order to qualify as a Counsellor you must have 100 hours of supervised practice with clients of Tŷ Elis.  We provide that, offering what we refer to as “associate Counsellors”, the opportunity to come and complete their training with us.  Many of our Counsellors have gone on to gain masters, doctorates and key positions in the private and public sectors.

Many of these highly experienced individuals retain their link with Tŷ Elis and continue to provide Counselling for free to those who are less able to afford private Counselling or wait to access the NHS.  It is these Counsellors who have developed our Tŷ Elis Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Regardless of experience, it is professional best practice that a Counsellor has clinical supervision.  At Tŷ Elis, every Counsellor must have supervision every twice a month.  

We do not have formal links with any other education establishment, but as an individual, you can apply directly to Tŷ Elis for a range of opportunities to gain experience in the Counselling and Psychotherapy sector.


We are a general Counselling and Psychotherapy practice, so we see clients about a wide range of emotional issues.  Our future plans include converting our premises to a purpose built Counselling and training centre of excellence so that we increase our ability to research particular issues and to receive research grants to aid this important area of work.  With the client’s written consent, we allow our Counsellors to use our clients as case-studies for their masters, doctorates or other courses. All information we use for research purposes is collected with the clients written consent and is completely anonymous.

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